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  • Premium milt sanseveiria air purifying plant 5 Inch
  • Premium jade plant 5 Inch
  • Premium, unscented aqua pink rose (7 pieces)
  • Premium, unscented baby pink carnations (5 pieces)
  • Green oasis floral foam for longetivity
  • Embellished with green fillers
  • FNP pink satin ribbon to add elegance
  • 2 Pcs White Plastic Square Pot 2.5X3 Inch
  • Eco friendly beige plant pot jute wrapping material
  • White Large Square Wooden Crate 7X7 Inch
  • Nurturing me wooden tag

Mother Nature Gift Basket

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₹1,649.00Sale Price
    • Trim 1-2 inches of the stem at 45-degrees.
    • Place them in a vase and add water.
    • Remove the leaves below the waterline.
    • Retain the ones above.
    • Check the water level daily and replenish as needed.
    • Don’t place the flowers in direct sunlight or excessive heat.
    • Keep plants in a cool spot (ideally between 18-28°C), under medium light conditions, like the fluorescent lights at home or office.
    • Avoid direct sunlight.
    • Plant soil should be kept moist at all time.
    • Avoid overwatering.
    • A spray of water should help in case of flowering plants.
    • Remove waste leaves and stems frequently.

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