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  • Fresh pomegranate: 2 Pieces
  • Sweet n sour grapes: 400gm
  • Fresh sweet lime: 3 Pieces
  • Golden syngonium plant: 5 Inch
  • Spider plant: 4 Inch
  • Jute packing material
  • Beige Wood Tray: 10 X6 X 5 Inch
  • Green oasis floral foam for longetivity

Harmony of Fruits and Leafy Wonders

₹1,999.00 Regular Price
₹1,699.00Sale Price
    • Keep plants in medium light locations, out of direct sunlight.
    • Natural light is best, but some plants can also thrive in office fluorescent light.
    • Plant soil should be kept moist at all time.
    • Be careful to avoid overwatering.
    • Do not allow plants to stand in water.
    • Avoid wetting plant leaves excessively.
    • A spray of water should help in case of flowering plants.
    • Plants should be kept in a cool spot (between 18-28°C).
    • Remove waste leaves and stems from time to time.
    • The whole fruits are fit for consumption.
    •  They are shrink-wrapped to preserve hygiene.
    •  It is advised to check the freshness and edibility.

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